logoWelcome! You are on the internet page of SCUBA Courses and Publications (or in short SCUBA C&P) – the international diver training organisation. As a diver training organisation we provide methods and materials for training divers. These are used by professional diving instructors around the world.

Scuba diving requires some theory knowledge. After selecting the course of your choice, you will find the textbook on this page. Reading the book before you go to your course will allow you spent more time in the water.

There are programmes for beginners all the way up to becoming a diving professional yourself. This site also has a “Pro Area”, which is meant for diving professionals, giving them online access to the tools needed for teaching.

The “certifications” page is for SCUBA C&P certified divers. This page provides information that might be asked by a diving professional in order to decide on the limits within which you are allowed to dive. At that same page you can order a replacement card or request an email confirmation of your certification level.

Also if you are not going to do a course, you are welcome to read our books.


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SCUBA C&P is the symbol for underwater adventure, mastery and fun!

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