HowtoContinueEnglishTo become Assistant Scuba Instructor, there are four additional modules to be completed beyond the level of Scuba Guide. Although the Abstract Theory module can be done earlier, the other modules require a minimum age of 18. There is a module that covers the SCUBA C&P system, so that you know what is covered in each of the courses in which you can assist and are informed of the rules you must respect when being involved in teaching activities. This module can be completed in two days.

Another module (skill improvement) is meant to improve your personal skill level. The reason for that is that you must demonstrate for your students how to do each of the exercises that are part of the course in which you assist. If your level is good to start with, the programme can be completed in two days. It is however hard to provide you with an accurate estimation of this modules duration.

A key module addresses teaching (both on land and in the water). It is called the remedial training module. During the course you learn teaching for individual students or very small groups (2 or 3 students). The instructor who is responsible for the courses in which you assist in the future will than guide you to further improve your teaching techniques.

Instructors are allowed to delegate an increasing number of tasks of increasing complexity to their assistants. But they do this with care. If you team-up with an experienced instructor, you will have the advantage of a mentor who will guide you through your preparations to one day become an instructor yourself.

The best way to start this course is to do the Abstract Theory programme. You do not have to wait. On this page you will find the tools that are needed to start today! If you have any questions on this programme, do not hesitate to contact