37Diving at night is a thrilling activity. The underwater world looks completely different. Some animals that are never seen during daytime come out at night. At night, some corals that seem bare rock become colourful and anemones like the Alicia Mirabilis extent their long tentacles when it gets dark.

Another unique aspect of night diving is your attention for detail. A reef offers an overwhelming visual impression at daytime. All those colours and movement draw your attention away from the details. At night your field of vision is limited to the area that is illuminated by your torch. Night diving attracts your attention to exiting features of a dive site that you simply oversee during day.

Night diving extents your range of diving activities and allows you to enjoy the underwater world after working hours. You hardly need any additional equipment. The main light for night diving is also used to bring back colours on dives during daytime and a back-up light is always useful to carry.

Night diving does require some additional skills as well as additional aspects to be taken into account for dive planning and dive preparation. This initiation covers the theory that is needed to participate in night dives.

Your instructor will want a completed medical statement from you. In some regions a medical statement with only “no” answers will be sufficient for participation in the course. In other regions a medical signed and stamped by a medical doctor will be required and must unconditionally say that you are fit for diving.

You start this course by downloading the book and reading it. Your instructor will than add to that general information by explaining local considerations. Participation in the practical part of the course requires a minimum age of 12. Once the theory is done, you make two night dives on two evenings.

If you prefer to read your book on paper, then ask your instructor. The price for the paper version of this booklet is €4.90. If you cannot find a SCUBA C&P instructor in your area, then please contact us via info@scuba-courses.com.