37Divers at all levels are expected to have knowledge of diving theory. In most cases this is limited to what is needed to understand why you have to do certain things while diving and why things happen. For most divers, there is no need to be able to explain the background of that knowledge.

The required level of knowledge changes when a diver wants to progress toward a professional or Master Scuba Diver level. At that point the “need to know” is no longer limited to what you need to know for personal safety and enjoyment of dives. For these certifications, the level of knowledge must permit giving appropriate answers to any questions other divers may have.

This is not the only course that is available about in-depth diving theory, but it is special. Rather than just listing the concepts of physics, or giving a list of signs and symptoms for physiology, this course really gets into the concept of how things develop. It brings you to the point where you can give answers with clarity. This course was designed to achieve “understanding” of diving theory, not just “knowledge”.

The knowledge covered in this course is required when entering an Assistant Scuba Instructor, Master Scuba Diver or Scuba Instructor course.

The minimum age for participating in this course is 15. You should have an advanced certification before starting this course as the level at which the subjects are covered requires that you have a basic understanding of the concepts discussed. In most cases the programme can be completed in two days.

You start your course by downloading the book and reading it. In addition to the book you will require a dive table. After you have finished a chapter, you can test your knowledge by doing a small 10 question test. Bring your answers to your SCUBA C&P Instructor to have them corrected. Your instructor will then explain all missed answers to assure that your understanding of diving theory is adequate.

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If you prefer to read your book on paper, then ask your instructor. The price for the paper version of this book is €34.90. If you cannot find a SCUBA C&P instructor in your area, then please contact us via info@scuba-courses.com.

Your instructor has more questionnaires available if you wish to practice more. To complete this course, you will have to pass an exam under the supervision of your instructor. The minimum score for passing is 80%.