37Divers tend to blame themselves or their camera when a picture does not turn out the way it was intended. This can kill motivation and thus result in leaving the camera at home for the next dive. “Wrong” pictures are not necessarily to be blamed on the diver or the camera. It can simply be a picture that was falling outside the range of possibilities the specific camera has to offer. In many cases there are simple tricks that allow you to take the picture you want, but also cases in which your camera is simply not suitable to take the shot you wish to take. A combination of tricks and information on limitations will keep you motivated to engage in underwater imaging.

To start using a digital camera requires some preparation with respect to getting to know the possibilities and limitations of the camera used. This course was designed to guide that process.

Every camera is a “specialist”. Depending on the technical features with respect to the lens, the available shutter speeds, aperture and strobe settings, the camera can be used to take some types of pictures, but others will not work or become a matter of luck. Following the techniques you will learn throughout the course will help you to choose the camera that fulfills your wishes and to use it within the limitations it has, which will allow for many nice underwater images and only few disappointments.

This course requires a diver certification and a minimum age of 10. The course with its sessions on land, a pool session and a dive in open water can be completed in two days. You start your course by downloading the book and reading it. If you prefer to read your book on paper, then ask your instructor. The price for the paper version of this book is €9.90. If you cannot find a SCUBA C&P instructor in your area, then please contact us via info@scuba-courses.com.

We wish you many nice pictures!