37We all have seen things underwater that we would want to share with others. Taking images underwater is a good way to do this. Pictures make the underwater world accessible for all – divers and non-divers alike. Taking the picture you want is not always easy. Photography is a matter of quantity and quality. Quantity refers to the amount of light needed to get the correct exposure and quality refers to the way the photographer brings this light into the camera. These can be seen as the technical and creative aspects of underwater photography (or photography in general).

This course takes you step-by-step through the technical background of photography and the challenges of underwater picture taking and provides suggestions for creative possibilities. The intent is to provide the information that is needed to take pictures in full manual mode (both for the strobe(s) and the camera). Digital photography has opened possibilities which were never available before. When using the right equipment in the right way, amazing pictures are possible.

The course for “Photography with use of Automatic Functions” is meant for those who want to take nice snapshots without bothering too much with camera settings and the theory of photography. This course is meant for divers who really want to take-up underwater photography as a hobby. Manual photography requires substantial practice and training. Manual photography also requires that dives are dedicated to taking pictures.

The first parts of the course serve as preparation. Subjects such as cameras & housings, physics & psychology, images sensors & white balancing and strobes are meant to provide the background information that is needed as a basis for practical training. The parts on preparation and photography & safety then serve to guide the gaining of experience in underwater picture taking.

This course requires a diver certification and a minimum age of 12. The course with its sessions on land, 2 pool sessions and two dives in open water can be completed in three days. You start your course by downloading the book and reading it. If you prefer to read your book on paper, then ask your instructor. The price for the paper version of this book is €24.90. If you cannot find a SCUBA C&P instructor in your area, then please contact us via info@scuba-courses.com.