37Divers from other diver training organisations are welcome with SCUBA C&P. We can imagine three different scenarios that might concern you. These are addressed below.

You hold a certification from another diver training organisation or national federation and you would like to dive with a SCUBA C&P Instructor or dive centre. You are welcome! We do not mind at all that your training was done with another agency. What we do need to know is what you have learned in your course. For most diver training organisation we know. For others, the instructor might need to look-up the information on the internet. In any case – that verification is not meant to decide if you are allowed to dive or not, but to establish within which parameters you are trained to dive. Please note that in addition to your certification you might need a current medical and the instructor will want to see your logbook in order to establish if you have recently been diving.

You have a certification from another diver training organisation and you would like to obtain a SCUBA C&P for the same level. This is not possible. Every diver training organisation has its own standards. The certification thus indicates which criteria have been fulfilled in order to obtain the certification. Refusing an equivalent card is not to be taken as a judgement on your level as a diver. It simply means that a card from another organisation would indicate that a number of standards have been fulfilled, which is not true (or at least not verified). There are however 2 exceptions:

  1. All SCUBA C&P instructors can offer you an “Experienced Diver Programme”. In such a programme you show that you fulfill the SCUBA C&P requirements for the equivalent certification that you hold with another agency. You instructor would then provide remediation¬†for any requirement that is not fulfilled. Once that additional training is completed, you will receive the same level of certification from SCUBA C&P.
  2. You hold a certification from S.C.U.B.A. AG. I that case you can receive an equivalent certification immediately. S.C.U.B.A. AG has used the same educational system that SCUBA C&P is using. The two cards would thus stand for the same set of requirements that have been fulfilled. Please send an email with your personal information and the title “equivalent request” to info@scuba-courses.com.

The third option is that you would like to participate in a course with SCUBA C&P, based on a prerequisite certification of another training organisation. This is no problem at all. You are welcome to participate in our Scuba Safety & First Aid course, based on an Advanced certification from any other training organisation. The same is valid for all other courses. Your instructor will probably know where you can enter our educational system. If you would like to know before, then please send us a mail (indicating your certification level and the organisation) and we are happy to let you know which courses are open to you (info@scuba-courses.com).