37Certified Assistants (either Scuba Assistant Instructors or those who are certified with another training agency at the level that allows you to assist an instructor during courses) can participate in modules that develop the candidate toward certification as Scuba Instructor. The minimum age is 18.

There are four modules of which the Systems & Standards module must be done first. After the Systems & Standards module, there is a module for Methods for Teaching Theory, a module for  for In-Water Training Methods and a module for Knowledge and Skill Development. The first three modules deal with methods for teaching and course administration, while the last module improves the knowledge of the content of the courses an instructor is allowed to teach. In the Instructor Exam (these are the last two days of the course), candidates demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and skills learned in the four course modules as well as the prerequisite training.

The Systems & Standards and Methods for Teaching Theory modules can conveniently be completed in two days. For the Methods for In-Water Training a duration of two days would be possible, but it is more likely to take three days if transport to a pool and/or open water must be taken into account. The Knowledge & Skills module is a three day programme. Scuba Instructors teach Try Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver, Open Water Scuba Diver, (Basic) Advanced Scuba Diver, Scuba Safety & First Aid, oxygen first aid and (provided they have adequate experience in that field) Nitrox, Boat Diving, Night Diving, Low Visibility Diving, Altitude Diving, Diving in Current and Dry Suit Diving.

If you already want to get started now, you can prepare yourself for your training by downloading the Instructor Candidate Workbook and reading it. While you read, you should always look for related information in the Instructor Manual. That manual is available in the public Dropbox.

In order to check that you correctly understood the information you can do the practice exams below. The standards exam can be done after you are done with the first module in the book. For the other two exams you should wait until you have finished the first three sections. For this type of exams, you are allowed to use your Instructor Candidate Workbook and your Instructor Manual. Address yourself to your SCUBA C&P Instructor Trainer for the correction of your exam and to receive input on any mistakes you may have made.

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For information on the instructor course, please contact us via email – info@scuba-courses.com