Dive centres, resorts, schools and dive professionals can check to verify that a diver holds adequate credentials. In order to do that, they can sent an email to info@scuba-courses.com. Provide the student name and date of birth. The confirmation will be sent by return mail within 24 hours.

If you (as a dive professional) are not familiar with the SCUBA system of diver education, then please download this document to inform yourself. For more detailed information you can access our instructor manual via this link. This brings you to our public Dropbox. Select the language, then “Instructor Manual” and then chose the course level you are interested in.

Do you want to order a new card? Just send an email to info@scuba-courses.com. The price for a new card is 20 Euro. Let us know if you prefer to pay via bank transfer or via PayPal. If you have more than 1 SCUBA C&P certification, then let us know which one you want on top as “key certification”. We can print up to a maximum of 8 certifications on a single card. Make sure to provide us with your name, address and date of birth. If you want a new picture on your card, then please attach it as a jpg file to the email. Note that we will compare this picture with the original in our files in order to assure that it is the same person.

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