Guiding divers and teaching diving are rewarding activities. This is why many divers continue their education all the way up to the level of Scuba Guide, Assistant Scuba Instructor, Instructor, or even higher up. Some seek a full time career in diving, while others perform duties as diving professional on a part-time basis.

There is no “course” to become Scuba Guide or AssistaHowtoContinueEnglishnt Scuba Instructor. You attain this rating by successfully completing a variety of courses. Logically most of these come from the domain of courses that are meant to improve your expertise as a diver. In the illustration you see all these courses listed. Note that in most cases equivalent courses from other diver training organisations are acceptable.

The central programme to become a Scuba Guide is the “Guiding Divers Course”. In that programme you are also informed of the reasons for requiring all the other certifications.

For Assistant Scuba Instructors a very high level of understanding of diving theory is a requirement. That level of expertise is acquired in the “Abstract Theory Course”.

When you have a certification that allows you to assist an instructor when doing courses, then you can participate in an instructor course. In an instructor course you learn how to pass on your personal knowledge and skills to others.

Instructors from other diver training organisations who want to teach SCUBA C&P courses (either all as a full instructor or only one or two as an affiliate instructor) are welcome. SCUBA C&P has named its Cross-Over programmes Add-On programmes. The reason is that see ourselves as a (very) useful addition to your current diver training organization.

For courses beyond the level of diving instructor, we refer you to the “Pro Area” on this internet page.