HowtoContinueEnglishWith a beginner certification you can enjoy the underwater world, but within limits. To expand these limits, additional training is required. Continuing education allows you to dive deeper, to dive at night, under ice, in mountain lakes and in a variety of other circumstances. These circumstances share the characteristic that they are beyond the limits of divers with a beginner certification.

You cannot only expand on the conditions in which you are trained to dive, but also on the activities in which you participate underwater. This includes courses in underwater photography, searching & lifting lost objects, navigation, biology, research, and many others.

A last type of courses is meant to improve your expertise as a diver. This includes equipment maintenance, operating a compressor to fill cylinders, first aid and rescue courses or the functioning or electronic diving instruments. Many of these courses are required to obtain the highest diver certification – Master Scuba Diver. Most of these courses are also required to become a diving professional yourself.

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