logoYou will have noticed on this webpage, that SCUBA C&P is very practical for instructors. Students can start their training online without the need for any login or intervention from you as the instructor. For all your training aids, you only require internet access. In your special Dropbox you will find all you need.

On top of the ease of use, SCUBA C&P has support materials for courses where most diver training organisation have nothing or very little. Environmental aspects of diving, search & recovery and of course Compressor maintenance & Nitrox Installations are examples.

For instructors from other diver training organisations, there are two possibilities. You can either become a “full” instructor with SCUBA C&P, or you can become an affiliate instructor. What is the difference? To become a “full” instructor with SCUBA C&P you will have to complete a cross-over programme. We name these Add-On programmes, because it is our philosophy that you “add” us to your credentials, rather than leaving your “old” organisation behind and only teach SCUBA C&P courses from that moment on. Depending on logistics, such an Add-On programme will take 4 to 5 days.

The exception concerns instructors who hold a certification with S.C.U.B.A. AG. That organisation has been using the same educational system as SCUBA C&P. For that reason, “crossing” to another system is not the case. S.C.U.B.A. AG certified diving professionals can obtain a licence from SCUBA C&P without doing a Cross-Over or Add-On programme. Contact us via email via info@scuba-courses.com in order to start the administrative procedures.

An affiliate instructor is an instructor from another diver training organisation who is authorized to teach one or more specific SCUBA C&P courses. For example “Compressor & Nitrox Installations”, because it is not available with other organisation. It could also be Nitrox for the reason that materials and certification expenses for that course are so much lower than elsewhere. You cannot become affiliate instructor for main courses, such as Open Water Scuba Diver.

To become affiliate instructor, you can participate in our ICE programmes (Instructor Continuing Education). If you already hold a qualification for a certain special course, it would be possible to do a cross-over. The duration could vary from an hour up to 2 days. That all depends on your qualifications and the subject of the course.

Ask us any questions you may have on joining us as a “full” or affiliate instructor via email at info@scuba-courses.com.

If you already want to get started now, you can prepare yourself for your training by downloading the Instructor Candidate Workbook and reading it. While you read, you should always look for related information in the Instructor Manual. That manual is available in the public Dropbox.

In order to check that you correctly understood the information you can do the practice exams below. The standards exam can be done after you are done with the first module in the book. For the other two exams you should wait until you have finished the first three sections. For this type of exams, you are allowed to use your Instructor Candidate Workbook and your Instructor Manual. Address yourself to your SCUBA C&P Instructor Trainer for the correction of your exam and to receive input on any mistakes you may have made.

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